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April 2016

Jake's Gallery and Framing proudly presents "The Great Outdoors Indoors" - a solo show by Jason Blower.

Jason is a 37 year old Illustrator/Art Director who grew up mainly in the golden prairies of Alberta, Canada, with a 4 year stint living overseas in Cyprus.  He obtained a degree in Education through the University of Alberta and then earned a degree in Design with an Illustration major from the Alberta College of Art and Design.  Since graduating his professional focus has been on freelance projects, while allowing time for work on personal creative projects as time permits.  Jason and a colleague have recently started a motion graphics studio and are now working building it up with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

March 2016

Jake's Gallery and Framing proudly presents Saeed Hojjati: Inspired Creations from March 14th to April 9th. 

Saeed Hojjati was born in 1963 in south eastern Iran and came to Canada to build a better life. Saeed is a self-taught artist, mentored by Barbara Schaefer. His work is gaining in popularity and is reminiscent of Thomas Kinkade with brightly coloured, idyllic pastoral scenes. His intention is to have a positive impact through his art and to remind people to appreciate of the beauty of this world and their lives.

February 2016

Jake's Gallery and Framing proudly presents "Feathers and Fur" - a collection of work by Jenny Keith, created from 2014-2016. Animals are often a feature of Jenny's work, and this particular selection of paintings focuses primarily on birds, feathers and abstractions of feathers, along with a few earth-bound creatures. The figurative bird paintings were created synchronously with the abstract paintings. The abstract paintings echo the colours of the birds, and the barbs of their feathers. The birds are chaotic, and the abstract pieces are ordered, but all the pieces are organic and inspired, as always, by nature.